5 Great Things I've Found At Walmart

#1. 50% Markdown on Rotisserie Chickens after 9pm

I can't credibly describe the degree of sheer joy and exuberance I get when I see something like this. Yes, Walmart pimps us away from Kroger sometimes like John "Goldie" Mickens did to Pretty Tony (The Mack 1973). But Kroger knows the rules of the game. lol You just don't pass these things up.

#2. Annie Chun's White Sticky Rice

No work. No clean up. No hassle. All it takes is 1 minute in a microwave and you've got the best rice anywhere! It goes with anything! All you have to do is buy the #3 item on this list or any meat and a $1.50 bag of microwavable steam vegetables on the frozen aisle. At around $1.98 a bowl it will save you at least $4.00 or more of the standard 8.99 to 10.99 you were going to spend at the local Chinese Restaurant.

#3. StarKist Tuna Creations Ranch

Its light. Its Healthy. And its absolutely delicious!!! I enjoy this with the #2 and #4 items on this list. These blue packets of joy cost a mere 0.89 cents a pack and can stave off hunger for hours. Other notable flavors I found to be great were the 'Thai Style Gourmet' and the 'Herb and Garlic.'

#4. Wasa Multi Grain Crispbread

They're absolutely perfect for controlling weight. They are 0 - ZERO EVERYTHING. No Fat. No Sugar. No Salt. Nothing!! You can put anything on them you want and they make a great stand in for bread. These massive crackers have saved my diet on plenty of close calls. They're $2.48 a pack and one pack can last for a week and a half.

#5. Gold Peak Sweet Tea

Its easy to sweeten. Its flavor is just right. Its only $2.00 a bottle. Yes... $2.00 + tax. Its just "too sweet" !!



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