Absolute Cruelty Must Feel Good...

--Credit goes to Steve Moser for sharing this with the Facebook community and allowing us all to be aware of this kind of activity.--

My Initial Reaction Comment to this photo.

"Wow. It must be nice to be able to live with zero empathy or consideration for your fellowman... but wait.. what am I talking about? This person obviously lacks the education or common moral capacity to consider me or those like me to be his fellow man. I wonder if he'll ever understand what it feels like to see someone driving a "white" Chevrolet Silverado around with a message on it that completely demeans him as a human being? Well, at least he's not flying Nazi colors like some of his type are doing on... their own ... "American soil" .... while our "elected"... mayors, governors, and senators continue to turn a blind eye to it. I suppose Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich are still relevant and in fashion among non-blue eyes/blonde hair fans. EVEN though.. the Germans slaughtered many of their own people. As much as I detest "Trump's America" in the civil sense. This is not his doing. This has been going on for longer than I ... or my father... or my grandfather.. have been alive and its embarrassing that its 2020 ... AND we still have people willing to do this kind of stuff. Wow.. just... wow."

"We need to be better." After months of watching all of these news broadcasts, reading media outlets, and listening to various radio pundits continue to spin the unending angles of the hot race story that is the state of the nation; I can't help but look at the calendar on my phone and see that the year is 2020.

Its been 19 Years since the last turn of the century. That means the turn before that was 119 Years ago in 1901. The Civil War began in 1861 and that about 40 Years earlier than the often mentioned 1901 "Turn of the Century." In total its been 243 years since the United States of America began.

Since then, we as a people have managed to advance a great many aspects of our culture and way of life to a high refined shine. However, for some reason, even after 243 years of rigorous building, sacrifice, trade, expansion, and even war... we still have yet to undo the cultural conditioning bread among the populous we know as race differentiation. Some say that it can never be undone through reconditioning. Some say it can still take thousands more years before we evolve past it.

Our politics has fared no better as we have a system that is completely non-transparent in how it is broken and yet calls on the people to take action to fix the problems the plague the nation. Now I'm not here to preach a political agenda but I will point out that when I watched the news coverage about what happened in Charlottesville; I could not help but see people standing on American soil flying Nazi flags. Its the most "un-American" thing I've ever seen and in fact, I cannot understand how this very act was not addressed by our government as direct treason. If you know anything about the Third Reich and read Hitler's book "Mein Kampf," you know where I'm coming from. That flag directly represents worldwide racial eradication and the murder of some 6 million people in brutal concentration camps.... AND YET right wing political pundits have the audacity to infer that "the liberals," "the minorities," "the illegals," or... "the bad people" represent that very same threat.

The very idea that this is not an issue is evidence that this country, this world, is not ready for the next stage in our advancement as a species. To think that we still have people living in today's world that hold the belief that they are superior to all other races of people because they have low levels of eumelanin pigmentation in their skin. Its ridiculous and extremely embarrassing when we stand back and look at our whole story. A story in which zealous people have beaten, killed, and enslaved other people over land, resources, religion, and race. Yes, there were great countries, kingdoms, and empires that created incredible advancements in all fields of human development.. BUT.. I must remind whoever chose to read this far that.. this came at many a great cost and many a great waist.

Now, today, we sit where we sit. We watch and we listen. We allow others to control and manipulate OUR narrative. I'm not a political science major. I'm not a theology scholar. I'm not an activist for any cause. I'm just a guy who loves food, video games, art, and backyard wrestling with my friends. The one thing I will say is that when you look at the brass tax of the entire state of the world, its we the people who decide how the narrative will be played out. It wasn't always like this but today it is. It is you who will choose whether a fear of losing your assumed rights to this country and its lands will cause you to take up arms against your neighbors that happen to be a race other than yours. Its you who will decide whether you are ok with letting your politicians display juvenile antics when dictating public policy that doesn't even fall in line with the promises they made to gain your vote. It is you who will decide if you have the will to succeed in life and not continue to seek out your excuses for failure in the various tiers of our elected officials. This is not to say that our system is not broken and unfair but it still does not give anyone the right to feel entitled to the point where they don't even try anymore.

I keep seeing this push by our astronomers and scientists to work on reaching other worlds and improve space travel but I simply don't understand why this is of such urgency. What could we possibly have to offer?! We want to reach other worlds yet.. in my opinion, we have nothing of any true value to offer them. All we have is unrefined technology that runs on exhaustible energy sources because we allow our economic systems to discourage the joint pursuit of perpetually sustainable energy sources which do not damage ecosystems. We have various governments, religions, and rulers who are at constant war to maintain the status quo of a world balance based on credit debt, land claims, and resource control. We have a worldwide food industry that "may or may not" be poisoning the populous with chemical additives and manufactured elements that cause cancer and heart attacks.

All of the most wealthy people on earth could easily agree to give a small portion of their annual income and feed the all the unfed in the world with no relative damage to their own financial holdings...and yet they choose not to. We have some 775 million people on the planet who are illiterate and in some cases completely uneducated. We have a history of greed, hate, and death that continues to thrive even in today's so-called "modern society." All we will bring to a new world is fear, pestilence, and death. We are just not ready. We need fix "us" first. We need to find a way to come together and not just co-exist for a short time. We need to condition ourselves to see the value in our fellow man before we are so quick to condemn and judge. We need to change our way of looking at things and the way we think about things we don't understand. We need to change the way we think about people we don't understand. We need to condition our children to love as much as we teach them self defense. We need to build a new social condition that works to inspire people to eliminate their own prejudices.

"We need to be better."

Note: This message was inspired by the words of Eddie Glaude, the chair of the Department of African American Studies at Princeton University, who spoke about the "manifestation of the ugliness that's inside us."

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