Sukina Gyoza Hot Sauce - "It's over 9000!!!"

"There are few things experienced in this lifetime that allow you to feel a moment of complete and true culinary contentment. I'm talking about the kind of savory sublime satisfaction that would entice you to contemplate and rethink the true meaning of life. I don't know exactly what those people at Sukina put in that bottle but if you were to ask me when I first tried it, ... I would say God's special blend."

"ENERGY" is one of the ingredients on the bottle!!!

Yes. This sauce contains 334 kilojoules of energy... WOW...


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This sauce is the Armand de Brignac of savory sauces. I personally pair it with everything from fish to chicken and it always elevates the taste to OVER 9,000 level deliciousness. The taste is so incredible, it will take you to places far beyond the standard umami food-gasim. I kid you not, dipping even a single egg roll into this sauce will send you to Schedule I substance addiction levels of uninhibited flavor nirvana. It even makes Ramen Noodles taste like the divine food of Zao Jun! You can add this sauce to just about any savory dish and it will out perform any other seasoning. Its the perfect salt to add in without adding actual table salt. It contains only 360mg of sodium where as your average packet of Asian Insta-meals seasonings can ran from 900mg to over 1200mg.

If you want to experience a moment of true joy and unbridled happiness; grab yourself a few potstickers and order yourself a bottle of this truly divine dipping sauce. I solemnly promise you that it will be more than worth it. Its not widely available in stores but you can get some from Amazon by clicking the link below.


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